Please practice patience while I take gather the new plan for this blog.

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First, please make sure that once you have officially become part of our team… make sure you are on all the team pages( company and team) 

Log in to your back office and complete the training you got in your email.

Take some time to look around the back office and study what you can. 

Winged eyeliner

Not all eyes are created equal!  The way one person does their wings is likely going to be different for you. So don’t beat yourself up when you can’t seem to get it to look like Sally or Sue.  They have a different eye shape … so learn to do wings for YOUR eye shape. 

You did it!

So you decided to sign up…now what? 

1. Get excited! You just made a great choice towards great things! Endless possibilities!

2. Take a few minutes to sit down and come up with your goals and plans. Make a professional announcement to your friends and family. If you need help with this… PLEASE reach out to me!

3. Study everything you can in your back office.

4. Begin small steps towards the goals you wrote down in #2. 

5. Be sure to stay plugged in to team pages and trainings! This is CRUCIAL. 

6. If you need help PLEASE reach out to me! 


I am participating in today’s word of the day!

As you can see the word is “buff”. What do you think of when seeing or hearing that word?  Me personally, my first thoughts are almost always a very muscular person… then next I go to buffing make up brushes! yeah yeah I know that’s not the actual word “buff” but it is a form of it right?  After that I remember my grandmothers old floor buffer!

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I am so glad you stopped by! Please have patience with me as I get my page up and running!   

I am here to help you grow or start your business as a network marketer. 

I offer training for those on my team, those soon to be on my team and some for people in other companies. 

Sometimes I even share random things,positive vibes or whatever else I feel needs to be shared to help somebody in some way… whether it be a laugh or uplifting quote. 

I wont be posting here every day but If you stumbled across my page via google or search engine… you can also visit my on facebook at @jessicadoughtypro

I loom forward to hearing from you soon!